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Name: Rozen
Contact: AIM- nfssherlock444; Plurk- jashinsexal

Character name: Kiritsugu Emiya
Fandom: Fate/Zero
Canon Point: Post-Episode 18
Journal: [personal profile] kerrytugu
Personality: Unlike his older self, the Kiritsugu of this age shows a lot more emotions instead of hiding them. He's more prone to speaking his mind, though he also has enough restraint to know what not to say. As a growing boy of 10, he wants to be seen as mature (especially to Shirley), so he tries to act like one at times. However, he is not immune to childish antics (like getting up on the highest rock and diving from there to impress some boys), so he'll partake in mischievous acts as well.

History: Here!
What's your character's personal hell: What about Silent Hill would be so awful for your character? Please give us two paragraphs on what tortures await your character. People, experiences, memories, and traumas are all good examples.
First Person Sample: This is an example of what would be on the main comm. It's first-person posting and actions done in [brackets]. Please provide us four to five sentences or one thread of at least 10 comments.
Third Person Sample: This is an example of what would be in the logs comm. This is prose. It's in 3rd-person and actions are not bracketed out. Please give us at least a paragraph. This sample should be based on Southvale's setting.

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